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For over 20 years, Objection! Computer Games have taught evidence skills to lawyers, judges and prosecutors
across the country.

The Objection! Series, now runs on Windows 7, Vista and XP.

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Our books tend to share a common feature - In addition to being a bit larger and heavier than most - They all provide comprehensive, one-stop shops that cover every aspect of their subject matter:

picture of is it admissible bookIs It Admissible? provides a tabbed comprehensive evidence resource and set of instructions for admitting and opposing every conceivable type of evidence.

This book is the source for the Xplanation feature of the Objection! series of videogames.


"This book claims to offer practical advice on how to propose and oppose virtually every form of evidence. It delivers on that promise ... The style of writing is very conversational and explains complex evidence rules in straightforward prose."
--Excerpted from Legal Information ALERT

"Those who come to court with Ashley Lipson's new handbook may have an edge in this battle of wits. Is it Admissible? offers concise, easy-to-find tips on keeping out, or getting in, controversial evidence and testimony."
--Excerpted from Lawyers Weekly USA

"I've been practicing law since 1986 and Is it Admissible? is by far one of the clearest, most cogent and useful tool[s] I've ever used."
--J. Frazier, GA

Price $99
James Publishing: (714) 755-5450

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guerrilla discovery book




Guerrilla Discovery is a complete, comprehensive arsenal of information specifically tailored for planning, conducting and executing discovery. It likewise provides defensive information and counteroffensive chess-like strategies for every discovery attack. Guerrilla includes:

  • Extensive Case Citations
  • Updated Rules
  • Detailed Strategies for the 6 Discovery Devices:
    • Depositions
    • Requests For Admissions
    • Interrogatories
    • Notice For Production
    • Notice For Inspection
    • Notice For Physical/Mental Examinations
  • Model Forms (For all devices)
  • Extensive Annotated Forms
  • Comprehensive and Extensive Form Interrogatories
  • Extensive Checklists
  • A List of Every Possible Defense and Opposition to Discovery
  • Sample Motion Arguments
  • Sample Deposition Questioning
  • Mini-Crash Courses in Evidence

Most lawsuits are engulfed in quarrelsome discovery fights. Coercion and confrontation are often necessary to obtain evidence on the hotly-contested issues. To help you win more of these important discovery skirmishes, Ashley Lipson's Guerrilla Discovery offers dozens of clever strategies, novel arguments, direct answers, cautionary instructions, helpful timelines, tactically-annotated rules, and over one hundred innovative forms that will help you:

Capture evidence establishing your claims and defenses
Secure admissions
Settle issues and disputes
Impeach the opposition and its witnesses
Uncover what the opposition is hiding
Learn what the opposition has on you
Handle defiant deponents and uncooperative attorneys
Control the complexities of e-discovery

Price $99

James Publishing: (714) 755-5450

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videogame law

Computer and Video Game Law: Cases, Statutes, Forms, Problems and Materials

By Ashley Saunders Lipson and

Robert D. Brain

Casebound: $85

Carolina Academic Press: (919) 489-7486

Teacher's Manual Available

carolina press

Fun and games have become serious business as evidenced by the rapidly expanding, multi-billion dollar, global computer and video game industry. The relatively new entertainment medium has been growing exponentially and so, too, have its legal difficulties. This new casebook, with its problems and exercises, deals with all aspects of this fascinating phenomenon, including: Product History and Development, Intellectual Property, Commercial Exploitation, and Regulation. The cases guide the reader down a colorful path of disputes involving such familiar hardware names and game titles as: Magnavox, Gameboy, Nintendo, Playstation, Pong, Pacman, Space Invaders, Tetris, Tomb Raiders, Frogger, Galaxian, Asteroids, Donkey Kong, Pete Rose Baseball, and Doom. The casebook is suitable as a primary text for both classes and seminars.


"What this book is and what this book isn't both matter. Computer and Video Game Law is not a collection of regurgitation in which authors explain the minutia of a few big cases to people with a cursory interest. It is a compendium of cases, and an excellent compendium at that. It has big cases with big names like Nintendo and Sony battling over trademarks and copyrights. It has small cases such as the one in which a martial artist sued over the use of his image in a best selling game. I wish this book had existed when I wrote my book on the history of video games. I spent hundreds of dollars doing the research for my chapter on video game trials and acquired not even a third of the case material contained in this book."
-- Steven L. Kent, Game Historian, Author of The Ultimate History of Video Games

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generic book

Mathematics, Physics and Finance for Lawyers

By Ashley Saunders Lipson

Casebound: $85

Carolina Academic Press: (919) 489-7486

carolina press

As the first pedagogical casebook combining the subjects of Mathematics, Physics, Finance and Law, this treatise is predicated on the notion that lawyers are ill-prepared to face a world dominated by numbers and the people who know how to distort and misrepresent them. The title of the book can be deceiving, particularly because it is designed to avoid the tedious topics and calculations which would typically fall under its headings. Moreover, the book is designed to take an important trio of crucial topics and spoon feed them to the people who need them the most but like them least -- law students.

Many jokingly state that they became law students because they couldn't handle numbers. A rude awakening, however, soon confronts them in practice, where numbers are the primary focus of their careers. Nearly every chapter of this book picture of a math teacher provides information that all lawyers must possess; some of the information is indispensable. We live in a scientific world, a digital world -- one that is ruled by numbers, equations, formulas and statistics. The topics may seem complex, but the explanations are elementary and, at times, entertaining.




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lexis nexis black

Art of Advocacy: Demonstrative Evidence

By Ashley Saunders Lipson

Publisher: Matthew Bender & Co., Times Mirror Books (currently LexisNexis).

Intended to serve as the single most comprehensive volume on the subject of Demonstrative Evidence, the treatise contains extensive annotations; it also presents sample authentication procedures, testimony, illustrations, charts, diagrams, checklists and practical information with respect to the acquisition, transportation, admissibility and use of Demonstrative Evidence. In addition, the text contains evidentiary arguments and counter-arguments to assist both proponents and opponents.



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generic open book

Art of Advocacy: Documentary Evidence

By Ashley Saunders Lipson

Publisher: Matthew Bender & Co., Times Mirror Books.

This is a lengthy, annually supplemented treatise intended to serve as a detailed, comprehensive reference to help practitioners accumulate, assemble, store, and determine the admissibility requirements for documentary evidence.



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