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For over 20 years, Objection! Computer Games have taught evidence skills to lawyers, judges and prosecutors
across the country.

The Objection! Series, now runs on Windows 7, Vista and XP.

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The Objection! SeriesSave 25% by ordering all 5 games (Below): Classic Objection!, Civil Objection! Autoneg, Civil Objection! SlipFall, Expert Witness and SivPro!, and as a bonus, you will receive TransMedia's Evidence Lecture in MP3 format for free (worth $99.00).

All games come on CD-ROM for Windows 7, Vista and XP.
Classic Objection!The murder mystery that started it all. The only way to save your client from execution is to get better and faster as you master the rules of Evidence. Variety of play is in the billions. Challenge is unlimited.
Civil Objection! Autoneg  A complete trial involving the examination and cross-examination of lay and expert witnesses from the perspective of both plaintiff and defendant.
Civil Objection! SlipFall A complete trial involving lay witness and expert witness testimony for a variety of slip-and-fall cases.
Expert Witness!  The same excitement and variety of the other Objection! games with all attention directed to the handling of experts.
SivPro!  The best friend that the first year law student will ever have. SivPro! turns the most-feared subject into the most-fun course.
Audio Taped Evidence Lecture The best basic audio introduction to confronting questionable questions during trial. Includes two audio cassette tapes.


Registered users can upgrade a previously purchased game. The upgrade price is on a per-game basis. Please list your serial number(s) in the Comment Field of your order.

NOTE: If you have purchased the product less than a year ago, you can upgrade without charge by downloading the Demo Version (which will then become a licensed version). - Click the Demos button at the top of this page.