Objection! SeriesThe Objection!® Series

The most popular lawyer video games. Fast and fun way to learn Evidence. Learn to make objections instantly. CLE approved.

Presents courtroom dramas with billions of variations. A super-judge instantly delivers accurate rulings backed up by cases, dicta, statutes, rules and explanations.

All games cover federal courts and all states. Select from 50 states and the Military Rules of Justice.

Advancing through the levels of play is guaranteed to increase your trial, deposition and bar exam skills.


Widely recognized as the single most comprehensive volume on discovery, state and federal.

Packed with cases, statutes, rules (annotated), strategies, forms and more forms, tactics, counter-tactics, sample examinations and cross-examinations, mnemonics and short courses. More than 1700 annotations.

Don’t get pushed around. Guerrilla Discovery’s Universal Orders demand politeness and respect for the opposition, but that doesn’t mean coming out on the short end

picture of is it admissible book

Is It Admissible? provides a tabbed comprehensive evidence resource and set of instructions for admitting and opposing every conceivable type of evidence.  This book is the source for the Xplanation feature of the Objection! series of videogames.

“I’ve been practicing law since 1986 and Is it Admissible? is by far one of the clearest, most cogent and useful tool[s] I’ve ever used.”  –J. Frazier, GA

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