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Interested in unique, law-related crossword puzzles for your publication? Our puzzles are perfectly symmetrical, New York Times compliant with only one twist – Each is related to a specific legal topic or theme (For example: Contracts Constitutional Law, Torts, etc.). Nearly 100 to choose from.

TransMedia offers its media partners the opportunity to download and publish its legal crossword puzzles in exchange for advertising space. TransMedia has many puzzles to choose from; each is entertaining and challenging. If you are interested, please call 1-310-246-9900.

Authorized Entrance to Puzzles (Password Required)

These links will initiate downloads to a Sample Puzzle in whichever format you choose. Of course, the zip and self-extracting zip formats are quickest, but we’ve also provided links that allow you to access individually the TIFF and TXT files that are included in the zip formats. Below the download links, you will find links to pages with GIF versions of a sample puzzle and solution, and a page of the puzzle’s text so that you can print it without downloading. Please be aware that the graphic quality is far better in the TIFF files that are available for download.



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