Sample Puzzle

sample crossword puzzle



1. Do violence to a contract.
7. One who guarantees the contractual obligations of another.
13. Disjunctive contract term denoting choice.
14. One who assumes a limited duty of care pursuant to contract.
15. Small-saver certificate (Abbr).
16. Subject matter of a youngster’s earliest contractual obligation (Plural) .
18. Tax deferred fund available to most wage earners.
19. Truck (Abbr).
20. Bill of lading (Abbr).
21. Medical for bedtime.
22. Commissioner (Abbr).
23. Proceed.
24. When issued (Abbr).
25. Decay.
26. Periodically enters into labor contracts (Abbr).
28. Contract to pay a fixed sum upon the happening of an uncertain event.
29. Tax Schedule for guessers.
30. Not applicable (Abbr).
32. The tie that binds.
36. Trial balance (Abbr).
37. Part of the deal.
38. Agreements and understandings of the parties, as intended by an integrated contract.
39. Order (Abbr).
40. Signed (Abbr).
41. Certificate of Deposit.
42. The 12th letter of the Greek alphabet.
43. Graduation dress.
45. Warehouse receipt (Abbr).
46. Viable (Slang).
47. City of angels and licensing contracts.
49. Member of southeastern Nigerian culture.
50. Technical contractual provisions normally found in an addendum (Slang).
52. Container.
53. Pertaining to leaves.
55. The most important single factor for interpreting an ambiguous contract.
57. Offer.
58. Statute requiring certain types of contracts to be written.


1. Evidence rule that requires the original writing for proof of its contents.
2. Shifts pursuant to contract.
3. And so on.
4. Sigh.
5. Unit.
6. Housing and Rent Act (Abbr).
7. Standard book numbers (Abbr).
8. Belonging to United Artists (Abbr).
9. Rhode Island (Abbr).
10. Former president of Harvard University.
11. Contract reign.
12. Critical measure for 58 Across.
17. Favorite hypothetical subject matter for every law school contracts course.
20. Boolean operator (Abbr).
22. Normally subtracted from gross when the contract refers to net.
23. Glutamine (Abbr).
24. Complete a prenuptial contract.
25. Type of property.
26. Consideration for a unilateral contract.
27. Free on board (Abbr).
28. A contract’s purpose.
30. Disjunctive contractual term denoting multiple exclusions.
31. Conjunctive contract term indicating multiple obligations.
33. Execute.
34. Retail liquor dealer (Abbr).
35. Very informal memorandum signifying a debt.
40. Enlarged (Archaic).
42. Member of Parliament.
43. Transfer lacking 32 Across.
44. Woodwind.
45. Work Plan Revision Request (Environmental law acronym).
46. United States Naval Reserve (Abbr).
47. Always falls within the scope of 58 Across.
48. Humanities.
50. Self-addressed envelope (Abbr).
51. Initials used by a seller to indicate that the price quoted includes the cost of the merchandise, packing, freight to a specified destination, and insurance charges.
52. French game.
54. Inchoate dower (Abbr).
56. Tariff Act (Abbr).

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